We will be offering at least one workshop per month, with a rotating selection of topics covered. Everything from basic typesetting,  advanced typesetting, woodblock printing, and visual communication. We will also be bringing in guest lecturers occasionally to help grow the knowledge of the letterpress and culture. Registration for the Fall/Winter and Spring Workshop Series. We can be reached at 778-519-5010 or email us.

We also do private workshops & seminars, and events for school groups. Contact us for information or to book a time to bring your group. Additionally, once you’ve taken a workshop that includes information about how to use the equipment, you will be eligible for a drop-in membership, with a few options to return and continue to work in the studio.

Workshops we Offer:

Wednesday Type & Gripe Drop-in Workshop

1st  Wednesdays of every month: 5-9PM
$50 + paper (paper prices vary depending on the project)

Come down and learn how to use the press at your own pace for a low price. Interested people can come down and learn how to print a variety of things from wood and linoleum blocks, to typographic projects. Clawhammer press owner/operator Michael Hepher will be present to guide students through their own projects, discuss ideas, and oversee the printing of each project. If you have an idea or print project and you want a flexible way to get a start, this may be just the right way for you. If you don’t finish your project you can come back the next week, or the week after, or next month… you can work at your own pace with this flexible workshop.

Space is limited to 4 students each month, so call in advance to guarantee your spot, contact us at 778-519-5010. Custom 4-hour workshops available, pricing varies depending on number of attendees.

Custom Group Workshops

Half-Day bookings (4 hours):
Individual : $150/day*
2-4 people: $225/day*
5-6 people: $300/day*

One Day or Multiple Day bookings (8 hours per day)
Individual : $250/day*
2-4 people: $325/day*
5-6 people: $400/day*

If you have a group that is interested in coming for the day, you can divide the cost of a workshop between you based on how many people are coming. The cost is flat-rate, not per person. You are booking a guided, hands-on tour through the historic world of letterpress printing.

This is a great option for design firms, arts groups, print-makers and professional development days.

Workshops can be custom-tailored to any combination of the following areas:
• Wood type
• Metal Type
• Woodblock or linocut prints

Space is limited to 6 students, so email us or call us to set up your custom workshop at or  778-519-5010.

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