I offer a variety of workshops, covering everything from basic typesetting, advanced typesetting in metal and wood type, as well as lino block and woodblock printing. I am also happy to present guest lecturers or remote seminars to help grow the knowledge of the letterpress in Western Canada. For more information please contact me.

We also do private workshops & seminars, and events for school groups. Contact us for information or to book a time to bring your group.

Custom Group Workshops

Half-Day bookings (4 hours):
Individual : $150/day*
2-4 people: $225/day*
5-6 people: $300/day*

One Day or Multiple Day bookings (8 hours per day)
Individual : $250/day*
2-4 people: $325/day*
5-6 people: $400/day*

If you have a group that is interested in coming for the day, you can divide the cost of a workshop between you based on how many people are coming. The cost is flat-rate, not per person. You are booking a guided, hands-on tour through the historic world of letterpress printing.

This is a great option for design firms, arts groups, print-makers and professional development days.

Workshops can be custom-tailored to any combination of the following areas:
• Wood type
• Metal Type
• Woodblock or linocut prints

Space is limited to 6 students, so email us or call us to set up your custom workshop at or  778-519-5010.

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