Winter Concert Pass

For those of you who are looking for a unique gift idea that is exciting, unexpected, won”t break down, doesn”t require batteries, lasts all winter, and won”t collect dust in the garage, here is a great idea: The Clawhammer Winter Concert Pass. For $40 tax you can gain admission to four (4) concerts throughout the winter to see some astonishing acoustic musicians.

Anyone who”s been lucky to be at a Clawhammer concert before knows they can expect a great, warm room, clear sound, and top-quality performers that won”t hear anywhere else. Clawhammer is gaining a reputation as a great place for acoustic solos and duos, and as such, we already have our full winter season booked with some great shows:

January 12, 2013 – Jenny Lester – Jenny is a seasoned, well-respected musician from BC. Touring regularly with the band Hungry Hill, Jenny is known for her songwriting, travelling, and teaching harmony to hillbillies all over Canada. More about her at

February 10, 2013 – Jason & Pharis Romero – On Nov. 18th Jason and Pharis won the Canadian Folk Music Award for best New/Emerging Artists. Not only do they build great banjos, but they play great old-timey original music. This is the must-see show of the year! To find out more about them check here:

February 17, 2013 – Ben Sures, Bubba Uno, and David P. Smith – This is the second tour with these three unique musicians. For more information about each of them view the tour page here:

March 1, 2013 –  Zachary Lucky – At the tender age of 23, young Zach has already achieved critical acclaim as well as having logged thousands of miles back and forth across the continent. His heartfelt melodies and gently vocal style hearken to the early years of songsmith Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) with a uniquely Canadian apology. For more information visit his website:

Contact us at or 778-519-5010 for more information.

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