Ordinary to Extraordinary

As an artist I am constantly inspired by other artists. I think that passion to create is contagious so being around other artist challenges me to get painting, printing, creating. A couple of artists who also share this view are Micheline Ryckman and Amy Chapoton. Both have worked as artist and professional photographers for a while, and like our family, recently abandoned the “stable” life to pursue a dream. Their blog Ordinary to Extraordinary (OE for short) tries to capture the inspiration in every day. One of the ways they use their gifts is by finding other artists and featuring them on their blog. This is a gift in many ways because they not only are fantastic photographers, but they also have a clear understanding of how to get to the core of what other artists are getting at. This month OE featured Clawhammer Press on their blog as the featured artist, and they have captured the space in a way that I have not been able to. Sometimes that bit of perspective is all it takes.

Please take a minute to go see their site, and have a look at the beautiful photos they have taken of the space their Ordinary to Extraordinary blogsite.

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