Moving Right Along…

Remind me not to move for a good long time…

Now that the big stuff is moved, with the help of our generous friends and community, I have reinforced the fact that moving is just not a fun thing to have to do. There are positives: fresh start, fresh space, a chance to rethink a workspace, but on the whole it’s just something one gets through.

Regardless, I thought it was about time that I give you an update. We finished the move, sweep, and clean at about 10:30 on the 14th of April, then bugged out for a weekend of music and hangouts in Invermere–a welcome change of pace to be sure. Below is a photo of me taking down the sign at the old location. It was a happy/sad few weeks. That old space had been my ‘home’ for the past 4+ years and I was quite fond of it. I’ll miss my colleagues at the Ghostrider Trading and nearby shopkeepers. Moving forward, though, mostly what I feel is excitement (mixed with a bit of apprehension) for the next chapter.

IMG_3755IMG_3756My life these past few weeks has been characterized by sorting, packing, boxing, moving, opening, unpacking, and re-sorting. To be straight up with all y’all, I’m ready to get back to working and printing. I’ve got some exciting projects coming up like the New Craft Coalition sale in Calgary in May, some collaborations with local businesses, and some new prints that I’m dreaming up in my head.

So far the new schedule has felt like a dream. I’ve been running errands and meeting people for coffee and not worrying about having to cover the retail shop. I’ve been home after school for the kids and helped by making supper more, we even eat much earlier so it’s not dinner and to bed for the kids on school days.

The setup at the new shop is going well. I’m taking the time to do it well so it all makes sense. My new studio-mate Angela Morgan has been generous enough to let me dream up my ideal space, and build it, so I’m trying to stay true to that goal by setting it up right the first time. I know from experience that changing your system as you go is much harder, and less likely to happen.

I spent a bunch of time sketching out the possibilities, then I measured each piece of furniture and created a scale replica in Adobe Illustrator. This allowed me to try a number of possibilities with all the pieces of the puzzle. On version 5 or 6 I came upon an arrangement that I felt would work really well. I then went down to the new space and taped it all out on the floor so we’d know exactly where each piece goes.

IMG_3566 IMG_3634The digital version below is the final layout, and so far it feels like it’s going to be a great space to work. We were hoping to be up and running by this weekend, but as you will see from the photos further down, there is still a lot of organizing to do before we let people in. We are aiming now for next weekend to hoist the proverbial sail and do some glad-handing with you all. Below is a sneak peek into how everything is coming together and give you a sense of the ‘feel’ of the space. You’ll notice there are lots of boxes left to unpack and lots of things to organize, but it’s looking like a great space in which to work.

Anie and I would like to thank you all again for all the help and support we’ve received from our friends and our community. Without you all none of this would have been possible, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to live and work among you.

Additionally, we’ll make sure you get an update and an invite to come and see the new space as soon as we possibly can! Moving forward our gallery hours will be 12-5 on Friday and Saturday.



newShop9 newShop7 newShop6 newShop5 newShop4 newShop3 newShop2 newShop1 IMG_3761


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