Clawhammer has moved!

After a wonderful 7 years downtown, and (almost) 3 years sharing a space with my fabulous studio mate Angela Morgan, Clawhammer Press has moved. Over the last year, Angela has been looking to sublet her space to create flexibility to travel. The folks who took over her half actually wanted the whole space. They were very kind to give me 6 months to sort out a new spot, and we decided the best thing for us was to simplify by moving our operation home. I’ve been painting from my back yard studio for about 3 years now, and with a little renovation we downsized the letterpress studio to fit in there as well.

clawhammer moving card

This means a couple of things: Clawhammer currently has no dedicated retail space in downtown Fernie. I mourn this loss; 2nd Avenue was a wonderful spot to be and I felt included, supported, and valued there. It was amazing to be part of an emerging scene of boutiques, makers, and unique retail spots. As we move forward, however, we’ve been de-emphasizing the need for retail in our business, and making more time for creating new art. With this move, along with the increase in downtown retail prices, and lack of space availability, we decided that it was important for Clawhammer to continue grow in depth, not in size. I have not abandoned having a retail presence on Main Street altogether, but will need to find a more collaborative solution.

For now, we are going to have to rely on third parties. As a stop gap Ace Ferguson Studios (you know Kate Moran from her summer Bead Bus) are carrying the torch with and Artisan Pop-up in our original location in the Fernie General Store building (661b 2nd Ave.) behind the Ghostrider Trading shoe store. That should last until the end of February at least. We also have a selection of prints and products in the Fernie Museum gift shop, including the coveted Clawhammer Organic Mints, for the foreseeable future. Of course our work is always available online at our online store.

We are always open to visits and calls, and still working to create original artwork in the heart of Fernie. I’m here most days by chance or by appointment (as my friend Myrna says). Call 250-946-6400 or fire me an email.

4 thoughts on “Clawhammer has moved!

  1. Peter Bartl says:

    Hi Mike,
    sad to hear that you had to downsize the letterpress part – the best letterpress shop in the interior. But i guess that’s life! best wishes for your continued creativity. peter and jane

    1. Clawdaddy says:

      Peter, The space is smaller, but I’ve fit an incredible amount of equipment in it: The Vandercook, 9 cabinets of type, the paper cutter, a worktop, and the furniture racks. The only things I’ve let go are the two C & Ps (with plans to find a smaller treadle press) and the double cabinet of metal type (that belonged to Keith)… I think we’re still the best shop in the interior ;). And you are still always welcome to visit!

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